Web Game Creation

Build Your Own Web Game

Students learn to "think like a programmer" and leave class with a fully functional web game that they designed from scratch. They learn Game Maker, HTML 5 and javaScript.

Week Course

2 classes per week
2 hours every class
Ages 12 and Up
(Full) July 14 - Aug. 8
(Open) Aug. 11 - Sept. 3
(Open) Sept. 15 - Nov. 8

Mon - Wed @ 3 - 5 pm or 5:30 - 7:30 pm

“Making games is in my opinion the best way to learn to program. It has helped me develop the passion and skills that have given me a career in the computer world."

Michael Patterson

Web Developer and Indie Game Designer

Build Fully
Functional Games

All students will leave our class with their own game. The Helicoptor game to the right is a game that all students learn to make as part of the class. Play it and get some inspiration for your own game.

Other Program Information

At Provo Web Academy we offer courses designed to help you create your own opportunity.

  • Flipped Classroom
    • At Provo Web Academy we use the highly acclaimed "Flipped Classroom". Highly motivated students can learn a great deal on their own, and use valuable classroom time for hands-on learning with the instructor.
    • Class time is reserved for practical application of the concepts taught in lectures online. You won't want to fall asleep in class!
  • Blended Learning
    • Course content is delivered to students through in-class instruction, collaborative learning, and online-mediated activities to improve skill acquisition and achieve career readiness.
  • Online Instruction
    • 3:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
    • Collaborative learning activities
    • Individualized learning experience