Our Programs

We've custom-built a fantastic curriculum designed to help you make the most of your time at Provo Web Academy!

Available Courses

Web Game Creation

4 week class

Ages 12 and up

Web Development

9 week term

Intensive After Hours Instruction

Digital Marketing

6 week term

Run Successful Online Campaigns

iOS App Development

9 week term

Iphone App Development using Swift, Apple's new development language

Other Program Information

At Provo Web Academy we offer courses designed to help you create your own opportunity.

  • Flipped Classroom
    • At Provo Web Academy we use the highly acclaimed "Flipped Classroom". Highly motivated students can learn a great deal on their own, and use valuable classroom time for hands-on learning with the instructor.
    • Class time is reserved for practical application of the concepts taught in lectures online. You won't want to fall asleep in class!
  • Blended Learning
    • Course content is delivered to students through in-class instruction, collaborative learning, and online-mediated activities to improve skill acquisition and achieve career readiness.
  • Online Instruction
    • 3:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
    • Collaborative learning activities
    • Individualized learning experience

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