Why Provo Web Academy?

Skills You Need

We focus on career readiness and skill building. Our web dev class covers HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript, and JQuery. These are skills you need to be a successful front-end web developer. Additionally, we provide classes in marketing as well as iOS development with Swift.


Our teachers are not merely developers and programmers, but highly-qualified teachers who enhance instruction with various technology tools, learning activities, and lab sessions to foster collaboration and individualized learning experiences simultaneously.

Class Structure

We employ a 3:1 Teacher to Student Ratio, and emphasize collaborative learning in a Flipped Classroom environment. Our 9-week, part-time course simulates real-world work experiences to prepare individuals for careers in development and entrepreneurship among other things.


In the past, people have been limited to earning CS and IS degrees from a university to learn the skills associated with web development. This is not the case now! For a fraction of the financial and opportunity cost of a university web degree you’ll explicitly learn in-demand, marketable skills that translate to working in the digital world.

Our Team

John Woodruff

Instructor and Co-Founder

John is a Computer Science student at Brigham Young University. He's been programming for years with a special emphasis in Web Development, although he enjoys all forms of coding. He's been a Lead Web Developer at the Missionary Training Center for several years. His passion for all things code has led to many individuals learning and mastering programming concepts.

Samuel Nelson


Sam is from sunny Mesa, AZ, and currently works as a programmer for Simplifile. He has two years of experience as a web developer, specializing in HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as numerous frameworks. He loves coding, and wants everyone else to experience that same joy.

Michael Patterson


Michael Patterson, born in Provo, raised in Arizona is an Indie Game Developer and Computer Programmer. He has worked for the Missionary Training Center as a Team Lead and Senior Student Programmer in their programming department and currently works at Vivint as an Intern Developer in their technology department. Michael is married and has one puppy.

Steven Dewey


Steven, originally from Oregon, upon arrival in Provo immediately immersed himself in the start-up environment. After being involved in numerous entrepreneurial endeavors his interest in technology began to grow. After experimenting with programming he realized has a passion for it. Steven wants everyone to have the opportunity to uncover that passion inside of themselves.

Jared Rhodes


Jared is currently a student at Brigham Young University doing his undergraduate study in Genetics and Biotechnology. He has a great passion for learning and acquiring knowledge about how things work, especially in the sciences. He has recently married his superhot and awesome wife who was also his high school sweetheart of 5 years and is happily living with her in Provo, Utah.

Tyler Morgan


Born and raised in Vegas, he currently lives in Provo with his wife and son. He was exposed to entrepreneurship in a class at BYU and has since been highly involved with startups around Utah. He has done marketing for companies such as Ancestry.com, Property Solutions and Owlet Baby Monitors. He has a new found love for coding and his life long goal is to make a dent in the universe.

Have questions about us or our program?

Email us at info@provowebacademy.com